Mirrored Flats: A Learning Experience

Found out a couple of pitfalls when building flats with mirrored acrylic skins. Our usual acrylic adhesive is a two part methacrylate based adhesive. It works incredibly well when bonding acrylic to just about any substrate (steel, wood, other plastics…) Some formulations cure to a relatively clear finish, which is quite the selling point. Unfortunately, we found that methacrylates will distort the mirror coating on mirrored plexi. Whoops. You can see the distortion in the picture below. It’s probably better to stick to liquid nails next time. As a side note, 3/16” mirror acrylic does not look great with toggles on 2’ centers; I recommend a thinner acrylic sheet contact cemented over a plywood skin to realize a flatter surface.mirror_mirror