For those of you who are interested in new materials, check out Transmaterial. I can’t describe it better than this quote from the site:

…Transmaterial online is intended to be a clear, concise, accessible, and carefully edited resource that provides information about the latest and most intriguing materials commercially available.

A little more…

As the speed of technological progress continues to accelerate, innovation threatens to outpace architects’ and designers’ working knowledge of materials thereby limiting their applicability. In order to stay at the cutting edge of design, a knowledge of the uses, properties, and sources of new materials is essential. A companion to the Transmaterial books written by Blaine Brownell and published by Princeton Architectural Press…

While most of us in theatre probably couldn’t afford any of these new materials, they do provide inspiration for solving some of our… err… unique challenges. Added bonus — some of them are just super cool.
All in all, this here is some top notch geek porn.