Stock Power Supplies… Revisited

Months ago I wrote a brief ditty about modifying commonly available computer power supplies to power low voltage DC effects.  You’ll find the original article here.  I wasn’t completely satisfied with the first one I modified.  You can see it in the picture below, it’s the ugly one to the left.  After perusing a Mouser catalogue this summer, I found what I was looking for – barrier strips with pass-thru terminals.  The ones seen below are made by Molex, specifically referred to as Solder Turret Style Terminal Blocks.  Catchy, isn’t it?  The Mouser part number for this specific model is 538-38720-3208.  They come in several different sizes, and I’m sure that other manufacturers make them as well.  Turns out the solder pins are just the right size to snugly fit female insulated spade connectors.  Super convenient, and pretty to boot!