Dykes Moulding – CAD Blocks

Looking for a collection of the Dykes Lumber moulding profiles in CAD format? Here you go.

Download the Dykes Moulding file here. (381 kb)

The profiles have been compiled into a single file, each profile a separate block. (Design Center users rejoice!) This file is in v2000 format. Much thanks goes to Adam Godbout for providing the file.

Happy CADDing.

Edit: The following download contains the collection of Dykes profiles in individual dxf files. These profiles aren’t saved as blocks, just as raw geometry. Dykes Moulding – Individual Profiles Download (664kb)

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  1. Does anyone have the profiles as individual blocks and not as a single drawing? I have seen a Technical Director who had then and i am trying to find them for myself.

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