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For the three people who keep up with this blog, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t updated at all in the past several months.  Sorry about that – I’ve recently taken an engineering gig for Production Resource Group‘s scene shop, which includes confidentiality agreements and such.  At this point I’m not sure what is and isn’t considered a trade secret, so I’m holding off on posting any solutions derived from work.  Its a shame, I’ve always been of the mind that information should be free, especially in the theatre.  Ah the price we pay for growing up and moving on to bigger things.  This blog will continue, but it will probably shift even more to AutoCAD related scripts and such.  Now that I’m working at a different shop I’ve been drafting different stuff, and have a boatload of new ideas.  I’ve already started work on several routines; they’ll be up when they’re fit for public consumption.

3 thoughts on “Site Update

  1. I think it’s more the price you pay for moving to the corporate world, not necessarily bigger things in general. You should speak to your employer about the value of open ideas. In the long run, it could promote PRG’s brand if they foster community engagement and the sharing of solutions.

  2. Its true. I’d had a whole bit about that, but cut it our for brevity’s sake. The corporate world is certainly bigger (size & $$-wise) than almost all regional & educational theatres, which is where I’d been spending my time. Some would say it doesn’t feed the soul the same way as smaller entertainment ventures, but in the end it’s all about what leaves you fulfilled. As for the sharing of solutions, I’m not sure where the bosses fall on this. They are part of the portfolio of talent that ensures a company stays competitive. On the other hand, you’re right about promoting the brand and to some extent building trust and (even more) recognition in the entertainment community. But that’s a set of long term goals that don’t make us money in the short term. I’ve got several thoughts along this line that I’m going to bring up, but I need to flesh them out and settle in at work before I start rocking the boat too much.

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