Wiki going down…

I’ve decided to do away with the scenic-shop wiki.  I’ve little patience for cleaning up the spam and junk that kept accumulating.  It was quite the failed experiment in any case; I’m both disappointed and frustrated with the outcome.  This makes two failed attempts at starting up an open forum for technical theatre solutions.  Why the failure?  1) Perhaps writing for a wiki format is too challenging or takes too long; though I would describe very few of the successful stagehands I know as slow – so that’s probably not the reason.  2) Perhaps folks don’t want to publish technical solutions without a byline to claim credit.  3) Maybe we’re much more secretive and feudal than I thought.  4) Maybe our free time should be spent drinking beer and eating nachos.  Whatever the reason, there’s still the stagecraft mailing list, yale tech shorts (see what I did there?), Google Groups and the Technical Director’s forum.

I hope I don’t sound bitter, that’s not what I’m going for at all.  I’m still convinced that there’s a way to implement a community driven reference site, I just don’t know what shape it will take.

Peace out.