Mathjax test

This is a test of the new Mathjax plugin. Also, a quick little cheat sheet for right-angle trig identities; useful for calculating component forces of an angular force.

$$ o = h \, \sin \, \theta = a \, \tan \, \theta $$

$$ a = h \, \cos \, \theta = \frac {o}{\tan \, \theta} $$

$$ h = \frac {o}{\sin \, \theta} = \frac {a} {\cos \, \theta} $$


More calculator updates…

New calculators:

Other notable changes:

  • The Unit Conversion calculator now include electrical units
  • Added to the Constants page.
  • Added formula pages for each calculator (example)
  • Added diagrams to those that need them
  • Updated the jquery mobile library to 1.4.0.
  • Added a revision log
  • Most multi-page calculators were re-written to provide a simpler interface.
  • Some calculators now utilize drop-down menus to specify which variable to calculate for

Coming soon:

  • Parallel Key size and design calculator

If there is a calculator anyone wants to see, let me know. — cheers.

Bevy of CAD Blogs

While I do work primarily in the entertainment industry, I like to keep an eye on the larger world of CAD news.  Here’s the current list of CAD related blogs I keep up with…

Design and Motion

SolidSmack – Product Design, CAD, Prototyping, etc.  Of EvD Media fame, highly recommend their podcast, Engineer Vs. Designer.  Oh, note to self, podcasts are a post for the future…

MasterGraphics blog – these guys have some good tips and tricks, found them while searching from info on Inventor tips.

Lazy Drafter

CAD Insider – This one goes way out of my discipline, but its still interesting to read up on general industry and CAD/CAM/CAE news

The CAD Setter Out


Autodesk Personnel

Ellen Finkelstein’s Blog – Usually more basic tips, but every once and a while there’s an obscure bit.

Heidi Hwewtt’s Blog –

Between the Lines – from Shaan Hurley

Through the Interface – Coding (mostly in .net) for Autodesk products, from Kean Walmsley


Update, and calculators

Yes, I’m still alive.  No, I haven’t posted in over a year.  Yes, I’m still working for a large live entertainment company.

A quick update, the earlier calculator scripts that I mentioned in the last few posts are no longer working.  I’ve instead been working on a unified collection of calculators using the jquery mobile framework; the aim is to be phone and tablet friendly.   Catch it in the links above, or here.

My two favorites are the Unit Converter and the HP/Force/Speed estimator.  I’ll be adding more as I find the time.

Fluid Power Calculator

I’ve been playing around with learning javascript recently.  I’ve thrown together a fluid power calculator as a “hello world”.  You can find it here: Fluid Power Calculator It’s not pretty, but it works pretty well.  (See what I did there?)  You can download the page and run it locally if you want.

My ultimate goal is to transfer all of my theatre-related excel calculators to javascript powered web pages, so I can access them wherever I happen to be.

Littlest Track Dog (mark II)

This is the mark II design for the tiny track dog I posted earlier.   This version features a sandwich style construction, which has several benefits over the mark I design.

Littlest Track Dog (mark II)

Securing the aircraft cable through this dog should be vastly easier than the first version.  It’s as simple as two set screws, a few copper inserts, and four flat head machine screws.  Machining the cable path in the first version wasn’t too hard, but cleaning meeting two small, blind holes 135 degrees apart did prove a challenge.  As a result, threading the cable through dog #1 was an exercise in aggravation, something I do not care to repeat.

You’ll notice the top part of the sandwich is steel, which allows us to weld the knife in place through a milled slot.  Since we’re still waiting on details of the tracking furniture, we can build the dog now and leave the knife design for later.  Also, dog #1 featured a removable knife, which is nifty, but seriously impractical at such a small size.

Speaking of size, this dog will be the same as the last one – 15/32″ x 3/4″ x 3 1/2″.

The shop should get one of these built within the next few weeks.  Perhaps I’ll find enough time to slink away from the office and do it myself.  In either case, I’ll post an update, and let you know if all my wishful thinking was for naught.

Sound Business Card

Man, I wish I still did sound design. I got bored and made a business card. For what reason, I don’t know. Contact information follows on the other side in a similar style, but I didn’t post it for obvious reasons.