Mathjax test

This is a test of the new Mathjax plugin. Also, a quick little cheat sheet for right-angle trig identities; useful for calculating component forces of an angular force.

$$ o = h \, \sin \, \theta = a \, \tan \, \theta $$

$$ a = h \, \cos \, \theta = \frac {o}{\tan \, \theta} $$

$$ h = \frac {o}{\sin \, \theta} = \frac {a} {\cos \, \theta} $$


Site Update

For the three people who keep up with this blog, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t updated at all in the past several months.  Sorry about that – I’ve recently taken an engineering gig for Production Resource Group‘s scene shop, which includes confidentiality agreements and such.  At this point I’m not sure what is and isn’t considered a trade secret, so I’m holding off on posting any solutions derived from work.  Its a shame, I’ve always been of the mind that information should be free, especially in the theatre.  Ah the price we pay for growing up and moving on to bigger things.  This blog will continue, but it will probably shift even more to AutoCAD related scripts and such.  Now that I’m working at a different shop I’ve been drafting different stuff, and have a boatload of new ideas.  I’ve already started work on several routines; they’ll be up when they’re fit for public consumption.

West Virginian Life

WV water (1)
Go go West Virginia. I’m back at the Contemporary American Theatre Festival in Shepherdstown, WV for the summer. Its amazing how much life is put on hold during summer stock. Unfortunately there are not any outlandish scenic requirements. Though the schedule is outlandish in its own right. That’s the summer stock life for ya’. The shows are fairly straightforward, though we are using a ridiculous amount of blood this summer, which should make changeovers bundles o’ fun. I’ll post some pictures later on.

New Site

You may remember the Theatre Mysteries Project. Oh, that site died a slow death of neglect. The coup de grâce came when I decided not to renew the domain registration. So I packed up, moved across town, and set up shop somewhere else. I feel liberated from the constant self-nagging to keep the old site updated with new bits. The TMP was for other people, this one is for me. I have decided to narrow my focus and write articles documenting projects that I am currently or have previously worked on. This will also serve as a place for me to house files pertinent to my work. Perhaps I’ll throw down a blog or two every once and a while.